Ron Schiller, Truth Telling, and the Problem of Fear

This piece first appeared on the Thoughtful Christian’s Gathering Voices blog. It also ran on the Huffington Post

By now you may know that Ron Schiller, a fundraising executive for National Public Radio, said a few things that got him into trouble. He suggested that the right flank of the Republican party, particularly that which is affiliated with the Tea Party, is affected with a serious case of Islamophobia, racism, and xenophobia.

Since the video went public, Schiller, who was unaware that his comments were being videotaped in a sting operation meant to discredit NPR, quit his job early, NPR apologized, and NPR’s CEO resigned.

The whole affair has caused introspection on my part, because as far as I can tell, Schiller said what is merely obvious, what I’ve said more times than I can count in my work as a preacher, writer, and activist. Do I also deserve an angry response? Should I resign from my job? Continue reading