Double Standards

Since some of my readers have accused me (and other media elites) to holding Sarah Palin to a double standard, I thought it might be worthwhile to include this video on double standards:

3 thoughts on “Double Standards

  1. Ok that is hilarious! And too true. And I’d like to add–“Hockey Mom” my foot! You don’t get to be governor of a state by driving kids around to sporting events. How disengenious. Be truthful. She’s a high powered career woman. Name it. Claim it. But don’t present yourself as something else.

    There. I said it!

  2. Stephanie,

    Keep saying it! I hadn’t thought about the “Hockey Mom” angle. If being a sports mom were such a great qualifier for office Palin would hardly be the first such person to run on a presidential ticket. Good point.

    And back to double standards–I wonder how many men feel compelled to talk about their involvement in their kid’s extra-curricular activities when they run for office? Maybe they do. I don’t know. I suppose a candidate might try to win points for coaching little league. I know that Bill Clinton made an effort to show up at Chelsea’s dance performances, but it didn’t (to my knowledge) win him any political points with those who adore Sarah Palin for being a soccer mom.

    I also wonder if those who speak so highly of the ways in which Sarah Palin balances work and family are prepared to express admiration for Joe Biden’s years as a single father.



  3. That’s brilliant.

    We have a political show here in the UK called Question Time. It is a panel of politcal figures, businessmen and people from the entertainment industry answering questions posed by the studio audience.
    The other night the Labour goon Harriet Harmann was being torn apart by the editor of the UKs best selling satie magazine Private eye, Ian Hislop.

    Hislop quoted Gordon Brown saying that he knew that the banks were in trouble a while ago…….So why didn’t you do something Brown you MORON!!!!!

    Also, Hislop also had Browns speech from 4 years ago when he opened a new building in the city of London, saying it was fantastic that such a company has came to London and it is superb for the city, for employment and just good old mutual back slapping, the company? Lehman brothers.

    Private industry goes tits up and the tax payer has to bail them out? Is that Capitalism or Socialism?

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