Gene Robinson’s Prayer

Apparently, HBO did not include the invocation offered by the Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson, Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire, in its coverage of the pre-inagural festivities. I don’t know why HBO did not include Bishop Robinson’s prayer, but he is the first openly Gay bishop in the Anglican communion, which makes me suspect that HBO–or perhaps the Obama camp–was feeling a little uncomfortable with his voice.

Regardless, this is a powerful prayer that is worthy of being heard. Thanks to Christianity Today via the Huffington Post for making this video available.

5 thoughts on “Gene Robinson’s Prayer

  1. that certainly was a bummmer about the coverage of his prayer… then again, i don’t have tv so i would have watched it online anyways. a great prayer, and it sounded like at least a few people listened to it (as indicated by the occassional “woo!” and giggle)

  2. Sarah,

    Part of what makes it such a bummer that the Bishop’s prayer was excluded is that the two inaugural prayers were also good. I know that not everyone liked Rick Warren’s invocation, but it got thumbs up from me (very Southern California Evangelical–reminded me of college at Westmont), and Joseph Lowery’s prayer was a liturgical grand slam.

    The inauguration has been a time of public prayer at its best, and I wish the Gene Robinson’s prayer enjoyed its rightful place in the public eye.


  3. I was present for these prayers; all three were homeruns. I hope that the Religious Press will print them together for future generations.

    When Bishop Robinson started speaking there was a sound glitch and his prayer was well on its way to heaven before the Techies recovered. Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks came through loud and clear.

    There were other prayers that haven’t gotten too much coverage, several given by women, Rabbis, Imans, and a Zoroastrian Deacon. The services at the National Cathedral and the Prayer Breakfast were noteworthy and thoughtful.

    I have never seen so many people at prayer together.

  4. Ronn,

    Thanks for the good report. I think it would be very interesting to put together a book of all of all of the prayers spoken at the inauguration.


  5. Thanks for providing video of Rev. Robinson’s prayer, Ben. We arrived in DC Sunday night and this is the first chance I’ve gotten to hear it. I’ve just shared it on Facebook so others will also get to hear these heartfelt, wise words.

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