A Prayer For Peace

The following prayer comes from Marthame and Elizabeth Sanders of Salt Films. Marthame and Elizabeth are former Presbyterian missionaries to the West Bank. I hope you will join me in praying in a similar way.

We see Hezbollah move to consolidate their regional influence by inciting Israel, and manipulating the resulting death and destruction for their anti-Israel, religious extremist agenda.
Lord God, may it stop.

We see Israel’s disproportionate and indiscriminate military actions, meting out devastation without regard for civilian life or civilian infrastructure.
Lord God, may it stop.

We see our own government’s failure to mediate, refusing to speak to enemies, enemies whom Christ calls us to love and pray for.
Lord God, may it stop.

We see Iran supplying Hezbollah with weapons, and our own nation supplying Israel, making us deeply complicit in it all. Lord God, may it stop.

We see the situation in Gaza deteriorate as all eyes are looking to the north.
Lord God, may it stop.

We see Israelis and Palestinians and Lebanese living and fleeing in fear, anger, hatred, terror, hunger, loss, anguish.
Lord God, may it stop.

We see families grieving and burying their dead – 548 Lebanese, 68 Israelis, and 111 Palestinians in the last 23 days.
Lord God, may it stop.

We see your peace and grace in other places, other communities, other parts of our own lives. In the Middle East, help us begin to feel the assurance of these things, which remain unseen. Help us begin to live into that assurance, becoming agents of your transformative power.
Lord God, may we begin.
In Christ’s name, Amen.

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