More About Me

Photo by Tony DeRose

I am a progressive Presbyterian minister who moonlights as a provider of left-leaning, spiritually-grounded social and political commentary.

My first book, Neighbor: Christian Encounters with “Illegal” Immigration was released in August, 2010 by Westminster John Knox Press; a second book that looks at the relationship between Christianity and Islam is currently in the works (look for it sometime in 2012).

My writing has appeared in a wide variety of print, boradcast and online media. I write a column for the Huffington Post, I am a regular participant in the Perspective Program on KQED FM San Francisco, the nation’s largest NPR affiliate. My op-ed writing has been published by the San Jose Mercury News, and for three years I wrote a weekly and occasionally syndiated column for UPI’s Religion and Spirituality Forum. My feature length writing has appeared on, the largest religion and spirituality presence on the web, and on, a publication of the New York University School of Journalism’s Center for Religion and the Media. My writings have been linked by the BBC Online, Al-Jazeera’s English language webpage, and the webpage of the United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Journal of Higher Education gave my writing high marks; the reviewed article was later assigned as required reading in a political science course at Notre Dame University. Currently, I am working on a book about the Church’s response to undocumented immigration, which will be published by Westminster John Knox Press in the Fall of 2010.

My blog has been footnoted by Wikipedia and in Jeff Sharlet’s book The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power.

I am a graduate of Westmont College, where I majored in religious studies, with an emphasis in Urban Ministry, and of Princeton Theological Seminary, where I earned a Master of Divinity with a focus on systematic theology.

I am married to Anne Marie and together we have three children, Mimi, Nellie and William;  our foster daughter, Kate has grown up and moved out on her own.