Salvation by Credit Card?

This column also ran on UPI’s Religion and Spirituality Fourm

Last week, on November 24, 2008, the Federal Reserve pledged to infuse 800 billion dollars into the United States’ economy in an effort to jump start the nation’s credit markets.

Let me be the first to admit that I don’t know a whole lot about the economic principles driving the world’s current financial woes, and for that reason I have a hard time forming an opinion about the various stimulus packages being proposed and adapted. I’m glad there are people out there who know a thing or two about monetary sums that for me are objects of feeble speculation. From where I sit, 800 billion dollars might as well be Sasquatch. Reasonably sane and trustworthy people tell me that both exist, though I’ve never seen either one, and I’m not sure how either would interface with the world I inhabit.
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