Memorial Day Observed

Having somewhat critical of how many Americans observe Memorial Day, I thought it fair to say what I have done to remember the dedication and sacrifice of those who have died in service to our nation. Beside a great deal of introspection and not a little prayer today I also held the hand of my son, William and listened to the song “The Green Fields of France,” whose lyric is copied below. Continue reading

Memorial Day: An Uneasy Observance

This column was published on UPI’s Religion and Spirituality Forum on May 28, 2007.
Memorial Day can be a difficult observance for me. Memorial Day is meant to be an annual event honoring the dedication and remembering the sacrifice of those who have died serving our country in uniform. I have no problem reverencing and expressing my sincerest appreciation for such selflessness. My struggle with Memorial Day is that I cannot think upon the sacrifices that have been made without recoiling at the thought of what our nation requires of those willing to serve. Continue reading