A Modesty Proposal

This column was the featured commentary on UPI’s Religion and Spirituality Forum on September 10, 2007.

As the summer of 2007 drew to a close I started hearing and reading a lot about a return to modesty in women’s fashion, which, evidently, is all the rage among the back to school shopping crowd. As far as I can tell this modesty trend hasn’t yet reached my fair city, where women’s fashion still tends to favor garments designed with maximum upper body ventilation in mind; but if we are to trust the pundits and talking heads a critical mass of young women has grown weary of donning garments that expose, to complete strangers, vast expanses of skin, and have demanded alternatives to the peep-show outfits being sold at the local mall. Apparently, the fashion industry is listening.

And I, the father of two girls (aged three and five), am breathing a sigh of relief. I think.
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Labor Day at Home

This column was the featured commentary on UPI’s Religion and Spirituality Forum on Monday, September 3, 2007.
Picture me, if you will, wearing an apron, holding a broom and dustpan, standing in the middle of my kitchen. The kids are screaming. My three year old daughter, having just thrown a bowl of pita chips across the kitchen floor (thus the afore-mentioned broom and dustpan), has delivered unto her younger brother a body slam that would make Stone Cold Steve Austin proud. The kids, all three of them, are going nuts and I’m not far behind. It has taken me five minutes—five minutes!—to cut up one head of an heirloom cauliflower, purchased that morning at a Farmer’s Market. It is a venerable vegetable that none of my children will eat, even though I will marinade it nicely in oil, vinegar, and fresh herbs and will roast it slowly out on the barbeque.

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