More Patriotic than a Lapel Pin

In a recent comment on an old column a reader of this blog suggested that the Obama camp was subverting the election process by registering voters and encouraging them to vote early while campaigning on college campuses in Ohio. I disagree. I’m grateful for every new voter registered, and I don’t care who does the registering or what motivates them to sign people up for the democratic process.

Each election my church hosts a poling precinct and I’m always moved when I see the community come together to vote, especially when, during general elections, the line to vote snakes past my office window.

So go vote. As acts of patriotism go, it’s far more important than, say, wearing a flag lapel pin or smacking a “power of pride” bumper sticker on your Chevy. And if you need motivation to vote (or if you need to feel good about the fact that you always vote, even when the only things on the ballot are a municipal bond measure and candidates for the water district board) then please, watch this video (unless you’re offended by the occasional f-bomb, in which case, don’t watch the video, but please vote).

Thanks to my dear friend Michael Tullis for turning me on to this video.